Danny Blomeley - Pre-embarkation training

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1 min 24 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We spent six weeks up in Randwick. So there was two of us that was selected to go from armoured corps at that point in time, or from school of armour there was other personnel that were from other locations that had gone or were over there.

So we had six weeks pre-embarkation training in Sydney where we were pretty well briefed on everything from geography through to culture and the geopolitical issues and what was going on there on the ground, through to the state of play with the Khmer Rouge and the government, the corruption that was evident in that part of the world and still is, I believe.

So yeah, if I reflect back on it, the pre-embarkation was pretty thorough. So we felt like we were well placed to handle what was to come, although we probably weren't, but we felt like we were equipped to go… We were all bundled onto a civilian aircraft and I think we flew, from memory we flew straight into Phnom Penh, I recall. It's over 25 years ago. So yeah, I think it was we flew into Phnom Penh, so direct.

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