Danny Blomeley - A totally different environment

Running time
1 min 11 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I think now, 25 years on and having spent a bit of time in Asia, I think the first thing that grabs you is obviously the smells. So just totally different environment to what we experience here in the Western world. Yeah, and the fact that it was really war torn. So there was remnants still of the urban or guerrilla environment that the Khmer Rouge had created. And it was trying to get back on its feet in Phnom Penh, but it was certainly, you could see that it had been through hell and just by the damage to the buildings and the roads and the people there.

There was people that we did see that had clearly been scarred physically from what had occurred. So landmine's are a major issue in Cambodia, which I still believe to this day, even after the work that's been done by several organisations just trying to clean it up, but that was a real issue. And it was evident in the people that we could see there, which was confronting.

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