Daryl Bristowe - Lost patrol

Running time
1 min 57 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was out for about...I think the longest was two weeks, or 10 days. But during that this strange event happened, we were lost, which I've mentioned before. We didn't know where we were, but we knew we were in Vietnam. Nui Dat must have known roughly we're in Phuoc Tuy province. It sounds rude. Doesn't it? But that was the name of it. So we all sat around and the young lieutenant was on the radio via his sig. He spoke to one of the batteries. I think it was the 14th, but don't quote me. They knew where they were going to put their shots and boy did us soldiers worry about it.

You know, whatever the distance is a long way away. You'd hear a tiny little boom. And then next minute, explosions over there. We almost wet our pants, but because of jungle, you can't see the explosion, you hear it. They, and we're always thinking "How in the hell did they know where to put the first round?" But they never, I wasn't privy to that information. I would like to think the lieutenant said, "We're not standing next to a Creek. Could you shoot it at a Creek?"

And that the NCO's and the platoon Sergeant and the officer were doing back bearings with the compass, cause the army back there would've said, we've landed in this grid square by doing a back bearing you just you get a bearing, we'll say of 200. You just reverse it. So a hundred degrees back on that line, this happened three times. And each time you hear this, but we weren't lost after that, after we got the triangulation.

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