Daryl Bristowe - Ouija board

Running time
2 min 54 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


This is true, as I said, when I got called up, strange things were happening to me. People were talking to me at Puckapunyal. I didn't know why they were talking to me about certain things. Not knowing what Mum had been up to, especially the little bit about threatening the prime minister, tends to go down really bad. That is why I should have been called up in the second intake in 1970, not the third intake because when I met Trevor here and we were talking about things, "Hang on, how come your birthday and you went then?"

It's because of Mum's anti-war feelings and the people that she was with, that was funny and that's why people spoke to me and I said "No, I want to stay." And after I said, "I'm quite happy". If you can do 10 weeks at Pucka, that was all right. I went straight to Singleton. Straight after Singleton, I came back and did two weeks at Canungra. Now, when we came back from Canungra, because no one was sending us anywhere, all we did was play volleyball and play cards, the occult came into it.

Look, everybody's reading books on westerns and then we had our Ouija board, this is not good, is it? And during the sessions, and this is true, in the huts, the huts were very old, Second World War huts. I don't know if you've ever been to Ingleburn, where the draft platoon was, you had the old Hume Highway passing through it. Picton’s down the road, Liverpool's up there, so in the morning you'd have to cross the road to have your lunch or your breakfast over there. But of a the night-time, during that time, I saw Where Eagles Dare 14 times at 20 cents a time, had to fill in time. But we'd have these sessions with the occult. Now this is true.

Some clown said, "Am I going to Vietnam?" Bloody board went "Yes". Someone else said "Am I going?" It went "No". This is 32 people in the draft platoon and it didn't make a mistake. Those who said they were going to Vietnam, the board was spot on. I had told my sister and I think it got a little bit out of hand at Kallista, the typewriter started moving by itself in the night-time so everybody stopped everything.

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