Daryl Bristowe - Preparation

Running time
2 min 40
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I can only remember two people's names in the entire time. Corporal McClure. He was my Section commander, Section corporal and Acting Sergeant, corporal he was at the time, Sergeant Dundee. Isn't it amazing. They're the only two that I could ever remember in the whole 18 months, but he was made official sergeant during our time up there.

But each one of those representatives, whether it be my section leader or another section leader all came from different corps, you know, infantry, artillery, engineers, and each one of a night-time would point out the good points and the bad points of their corps and my two corporals, which then made sergeant, were both Vietnam veterans.

And you know, but this is like in early 1970 or you know, July 1970. It took me one year, one week and one day from the day I went into Puckapunyal that I landed in, in, I think it's Tan Son Nhat, let's say Saigon airport, but it was amazing. But I knew what it was all about. Dad had pointed out his experiences in New Guinea and after he came back from New Guinea, my grandfather being the first of his grandchildren to actually be called up into the armed forces, he had a lot of input.

This is my paternal grandparents. He had a lot to say, and my grandmother having had four sons involved in the Second World War, she put her dollar's worth in, but I think they were proud. But yeah, you're young. You're 21. You don't think of the consequences you're going to see, I'll be honest with you. I only ever saw one person get killed. Didn't know him from a bar of soap, but I often dream about it. But look, I didn't really think about it 'cause I was young, and I was extremely bitter when I came back from Vietnam.

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