Dave Lassam - Family history as selection criteria

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46 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I'd done biology at school and when they did ask you the questions about your family history, I said "Well Mum worked in an operating theatre at Launceston General." And that was fine. And then I said, "Oh, my grandfather was an ARP warden in London during the Blitz".

And of course they were the first aid guys and they'd run around shutting windows and all the rest of it. And as soon as they get that little thing, a spot. "Oh, he might be suited to be a medic". And I must admit I was a bit, I thought "Oh geez, I wonder if I can do that".

I wasn't quite sure but then I thought, "Well look just give it a go and see what happens". And it just went from there. So I had no training proof, no first aid treatment. Nothing.


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