Dave Lassam - Recognising PTSD

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1 min 2 sec
Date made
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


It took me 30 years before I was treated. I still have good days and bad days, as do many people who have PTSD but if you get it early, you can get better treatment, and you will do better in the long term and I think Defence has really come to the fore with it, even though I haven't been around for a few years now, that my understanding is that they're starting to really get going well with it.

And just getting the younger people who are afraid to put their hand up be seen to be weak or anything, it's not weak, something has happened that has affected you, then you need to get it looked at and then deal with it as best you can with the help of others. And that's the word I try to get out there. Even a grumpy old lieutenant commanders can get it. Not everybody gets it the same. But if you do think you need help you go out get some, it's there.


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