Dave Lassam - Resilience of a Bali bombing survivor

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2 min 38 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


When I went on the plane, there was some really horrendous injuries. I do remember one poor bloke, as I said before, when the aircraft stops, the air conditioning goes off, and it gets very, it heats up very quickly, so we had to get them off very quickly. But where to put them on the tarmac in the sun? So we put them under the wings, where the shade was and, of course, my job was to monitor everyone.

And also they get them on to the ambulances and so I'm running around doing stuff. And I came up to one young bloke, and he's just lying quite happily in the sun, sort of thing. And I looked at him, "How you going mate?" "Yeah, I'm alright". He says, "You might look after the others" "Yeah, okay, I'll look after everybody". And I looked down and his feet had gone. And I just, "G'day mate, how you going?"

Well … and that's always sort of stuck with me, but he never worried about it, he wasn't concerned, he was worried about other people. But it's all these little bits that that you saw. I mean, there was, one person passed away on the flight and that was pretty horrid to be a part of it. But we had a job to do and we got the job done.


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