Dave Leicester - Lucky parachute

Running time
1min 23 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I wouldn't say I was a superstitious person but strangely enough after that I always had the same parachute.

Now normally when we would go on a raid we would be issued with a parachute and then when we got back we'd hand it back in and it would be repacked but the pilots had a sit on type of parachute, used it as a seat and I always held on to my parachute and instead of handing it in I would just get it repacked twice or three times a week but always the same parachute and always the same girl that packed it.

And I said to the girl, strangely enough, one day, she was a young, must have been about a nineteen year old girl, a WAAF just packing parachutes, I said to her facetiously "Are you sure this parachute will work?" and she said to me 'Oh Yes Sir. If it doesn't work you can bring it back."

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