Dennis Davis - Air attacks

Running time
1 min 48 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


With these storms, occasionally you might get a storm that would last two or three days. Well that was good, in so far as it was a relief from the air raids. Air raids were on all the time probably only one or two at a time, these planes. Other times it might be 15 or 20.

The whole idea, they got us on edge all the time. Day or night, especially the planes, every hour there'd be some planes flying over the top and of course, you were aware all the time. In the front line, of course, they were two lines of 70 concrete boxes you might say formed the front line and those were all built by the Italians, of course, and they were covered by sand and they were very hard to see from the air but they got their fair share of bombing but mainly the bombing was in the town. They got really blasted there because they were trying to block the harbour.

All they could do, at least on the front line was fire back but in town all they could do was swear at them. Up on the road with the noise of our own engines, we wouldn't hear a plane coming especially from the rear of us so we just kept an eye open and if we saw troops running for cover, we knew something was on and we did the same thing.

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