Dennis Davis - Dear John

Running time
1 min 47 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Anyway, we finally moved back a bit further and it was this time I got a letter, a Dear John letter. Dear John. Hope you're having a good time. Sorry, I've found somebody else so our engagement is broken off. Well that was devastating news for me and I worked back because I had kept a record of the letters I had written to my fiancé and what those letters were, we always numbered our letters and she numbered hers.

She wrote a lot more than I did and I worked out that it was in response to a letter I had written just after we'd come in and we'd lost so many men when the trucks had been blown up and I'd written and said it doesn't look like the war is going to be over for a long time, you know, she used to love dancing, she used to go dancing but she'd never let anybody take her home and I said, I don't know what I said, some sort of, I probably, she got the impression that I didn't love her anymore, so, we got this letter and shortly after that we moved back into Palestine and I got a letter from my parents telling me that Margaret had written to them, had phoned them up, sorry, and told them she'd broken off the engagement and she was getting married in March to somebody else and eventually the day came and we moved down to the Red Sea…

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