Dennis Davis - Reunited

Running time
2 min 49 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We finally got on a train. I got on at Central and, of course, my parents had moved and they were living at Blakehurst when I joined up, they were now living at Bronte so I got on a tram to Bronte and he said, "Where do you want to go?" "To Bronte Road." "Oh, what part?" He said, "We've got the top of the line or the bottom of the line."

I had no idea so I gave him the number which meant nothing to him but he looked, and I had a sea kit bag, a kit bag, and packs on my back and he said, "Look, it's a very steep hill." He said, "Your best bet is to get off at the top of the hill and walk downhill rather than walk up."

So I took his advice and it was more than halfway down the hill but his advice was good and I got home because I decided on the way, "Do I go and see my ex-fiance or do I go and see my parents?" I decided I should go and see my parents despite the fact that I wanted to see my wife, my fiancé.

Anyhow, I got home, just there in time for lunch. We had our lunch, then got a telephone call, from Margaret. She welcomed me home and I said, she would have known that ship came in the previous day, of course, and I said I've only just arrived home for lunch and told her I loved her and put the receiver down. I didn't want to talk over the phone to her.

We made arrangements to see her on the Monday after she came home from work. When I got to the house there was a car, with a driver, not a driver, a bus and train from Bronte. Her mother said, "She's in there." She suffered from asthma and the worry and everything else brought on an asthma attack so she hadn't gone to work that day so I went in there, just stood at the door wondering what I was to do. She just held her arms out and everything was alright. That was the Monday, it was a Monday, on the Saturday we were married.

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