Dennis Davis - Scorpion attack

Running time
1 min 56 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


One of the places we had was called the bull ring and in the bull ring there was a sort of a wall built up and that wall was full of asps and the only place in Tobruk that we found these snakes and, of course, that caused a bit of concern. We had snakes, we had scorpions, we had fleas, and we had flies., and of course in our job we'd be working all night long going to the front line and back and things like that. I mean you might only go ten miles in a night.

It was hard to go more than ten miles in a straight line, it wasn't big enough. But you were only doing about five or ten miles an hour, less than that, so you were practically working all night long to transport troops and supplies to the front line and, of course, in the daytime in the daylight we were going up to town to take supplies to where we were stationed ready for the night into the frontline.

Well that meant we tried sleep. The only sleep we had was in the day and of course we were pestered by flies so it was the case, you never had any decent sleep, and the scorpions, well, fortunately I never got bitten…Chuck Greenaway, he was the…at the time, he got bitten on the eye one night and I had to be rushed to the RAP, the first aid post, and they fixed him up there and I was left on my own for a couple of days and he came back and he was still all swollen up on the face but at least he was okay.

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