Dennis Davis - Strafed by a Stuka

Running time
1 min 54 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Anyway this was Good Friday, coming to that part when the Germans surrounded Tobruk and on the Easter Monday we were told we were going to join the infantry because we had no trucks and they were going to make use of us as they could and we'd never had any infantry training.

Infantry training was a lot different to the training we had, so anyhow we all gathered from all sorts, there was only about half a dozen doing the job I was doing but others were working tight throughout the area. We all sort of met in this one area and we were marching up this road, onto the Bardia road. The Bardia road was, of course, a bitumen strip that ran right through from Egypt to Tripoli just the one lane each way.

Then there was another bitumen road came up to the Bardia road then another one from the Bardia road down to El Adem which was inland and we were walking up this road to an escarpment by the Bardia road and the air raids were going on at the time, one line of soldiers on each side of the road and this plane, a Stuka, happened to see us and he dive-bombed us.

Well, we scattered, of course, and the road broke us into two groups really because we went off from that. He dropped his bomb on the right-hand side and my mate and I, Les, he and I were on the left-hand side and then he came back and strafed us and we lost thirteen men on that sortie.

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