Dennis Davis - Supplying the 25 pounders

Running time
2 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Our job, we were bringing up ammunition all this time and we were taking ammunition up, first of all to the 25 pounder guns which were probably a kilometre or so back from the front line and there were these big pits and we filled these pits with ammunition and camouflaged them. That was an easy job.

Then we moved forward and we moved a bit too far forward and we were bringing the ammunition up from Alamein railway station which is where the main ammunition dump was and we'd bring them up in this area in the daylight and then at night-time you'd move forward, well, apparently a spotter plane caught us, I don't know what happened but the shells started to pound us, a couple of the trucks were blown up but in one case a fellow was asleep on the tail port of a truck and he was blown off the tail port but he actually survived, badly injured, but he did survive but we lost a few more blokes on that occasion.

About eleven of us in our little group and the sergeant was in charge, sergeant or a corporal, I can't remember, he was injured and three or four others but we managed to survive that and we got to, we moved forward from that spot as quietly as we could right up to behind the front line and there we would dig more pits where we had to be very careful because you wouldn't want the shovel to hit or it and make a bit of a noise and the Germans would hear us and we put more 25 pounder guns in there, the idea being that when the 25 pounder guns came forward they had an allotment of their ammunition on hand besides what we were bringing up to them.

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