Don Anderson - Attached to the British Pacific Fleet

Running time
1 min 20 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


That was an interesting time. We met up with weather in the typhoon period. I loved rough weather. It felt like the ship was living and I was living too even though it was dangerous.

It had to be very bad weather, you were kept off the main deck because you could be swept overboard and on one occasion, I nearly was but that was on the way home.

The job was completed and we came home escorting the aircraft carrier Formidable which was joining the British fleet and the big wigs didn't want N class destroyers because they were short range, designed for around England but because of their war record and their captain, Captain Buchanan, who was captain of the flotilla, we got sent up north with the British Pacific Fleet. It was the most powerful fleet that England had put to sea.

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