Don Anderson - Supply runs in Northern Australia

Running time
1 min 21 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Crew members would unload, for instance, drums of food and fuel were tied together with long string and pulled ashore by a motorboat as far as you could go and then, you know what the tide situation was in Northern Australia, huge variation.

Then at low tide those wretched petrol drums had to be rolled through the mud till they got to high ground. At the time, part of the time, I was captain of the motorboat. That was a good job, you got away from the ship a bit. Our motorboat was used in pulling these rafts and also, we also carried landing boats, things that could sort of, semi-collapsible things and they were loaded with various goods and towed as far as they could go and then the contents had to be lugged. Usually they were taken in at high tide so you could get to the sand without all the mud.

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