Don Johnson - Tarawa

Running time
1 min 33 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Later on I was drafted to the Viti which was the only big ship we had. It was 1050 tons. First World War 4-inch guns aft that blew off all the doors if they were shut when she was fired. Plenty of depth charges.

Three Oerlikons, two 2-pounders and two Bren guns. That's heavily armed. We used to do escort work up to the Solomons through Vanuatu which was the New Hebrides in those days.

When the Americans decided to go into the equator area up at … and Tarawa. We used to do a lot of supply work as well. We were in Tarawa two days after the landing was completed which was a disaster. It was a hell of a mess. I did three trips up there.

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