Don Looker - Enlistment

Running time
1 min 5 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, I was a student at Norwell High School in what's now called year 11 when war broke out, and I thought, "Good, I won't be in this." I thought the war would be over pretty quickly. I was 16. Anyways, as time went by the war got worse, and I joined up because I thought I had to, not because I really wanted to, because I thought I had to.

I don't know why I chose the Air Force because I was an apprentice electrician. I could have probably gone into one of the maintenance units in the Army, but, anyway, I chose the Air Force, and, of course, like every young bloke, I wanted to be a pilot, which I wasn't.

So I started training here in Victor Harbour, and then went to Ballarat and trained as a wireless operator air gunner. And I went to Mount Gambier as an instructor for a while. I was at Air Observer School, and then went to England, and eventually arrived in Bomber Command.

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