Don Looker - General Eisenhower

Running time
1 min 17 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was in London. I was on leave. We'd finished our ops and we went on leave prior to being posted back to Brighton to come home. And I saw Eisenhower receive the freedom of the City of London driving down The Strand in the open car. And oh, it was great, I got in the crowd at Buckingham Palace. If you ever look at the picture closely you might be able to find me. I forget where I was staying.

The Strand had a Comfort's Fund hospital in Sloane's Square which was very good. We could go and stay there fairly cheap. We would catch the tube back to, usually around Fleet Street where there was pub called Coaches just off Fleet Street where most of the Australians gathered. And we used to go to a pub called the King and Keys after we probably had a beer after VE-Day. Only the pilot and I because the rest of the bomb crews had gone home. They were celebrating with their families. We were just waiting to come home.

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