Don Looker - London leave

Running time
1 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


After every six ops, we got a few days leave. I forgot how much it is, three or four days, perhaps. Generally, we'd head to London or must be more than that because I went to Edinburgh a couple of times. You get a free train pass to London, or wherever you wanted to go.

We always asked for the longest destination we could. Then we could drop off anywhere along the track. Yeah, mostly that was in Australia House where the basement was Australia the house in the strand and they had visitor's book that you could sign the visitor's book and you could make any comments if you like. I think you got some tea and things like that and you could catch up with the Australian newspapers.

It's a huge room I remember I was there one day with the, oh the buzz bomber went overhead that's one of those flying bombs. Then the engine cut out sounded like right over the Boomerang Club. And I dived under the table next to a Wing Commander. I thought "How great". But it went off in The Strand somewhere.

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