Don Looker - Lucky charms

Running time
55 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I had a rabbit's foot. Someone got me a rabbit's foot when I enlisted, and I put it in the bottom of my kit bag and was there until the end of the war. And all the fur wore off the bottom of it, but it saved me…The pilot used to wear a white scarf, and he used to write the name of the town that we'd bombed on the scarf. And, well, I suppose his daughters got it now because he's dead and his wife's dead. But he had this scarf, and all our ops were written on this scarf.

And I used to sing to the crew after we bombed the target on every op. I used to sing one of Bing Crosby's songs, The Funny Old Hills. They all enjoyed that or seemed to. Because I controlled the wireless, you see, being the wireless operator. But apart from that, no. Nothing unusual that I'm aware of. I don't know what the others had. I didn't ask them.

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