Don Looker - Radio silence

Running time
1 min 3 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I used to receive messages mainly. And they were winds and any instructions they wanted to give us. Usually, you couldn't send messages because you had to maintain wireless silence because the enemy could track you down. If you sent a message, the radar would pick up where you were, so we kept radio silence. Every 15 minutes, I think it was.

Not sure now, was 15 minutes, half-hour I'd get a message for the navigator with the wind speeds and various other weather information…Oh, you always had a debriefing. You had to report to the intelligence people. But the best thing was that you got a cup of coffee with rum in it. A cup of tea with rum, and you'd have a cigarette. We were all encouraged to smoke. When you got your pay you got free cigarettes sometimes, and a razor blade. I think it was to shave and not cut your throat.

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