Dudley Marrows - Not a good feeling

Running time
3 min 20 sec
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


Now at this time I want to state again the wonderful navigator we had, Jock Holland.

We were absolutely short of petrol, we knew at that time that we would not be able to reach base. That's not a good feeling.

Well right, the story doesn't end quite yet. On the way back at optimum level, optimum speed, fuel saving, lo and behold we see another sub below us. Ok. Great surprise. Nothing we could do but to go in and attack.

Well unfortunately their gunners were accurate. They hit us on the way in. Started a fire in the port wing, ruined our depth charge dropping mechanism but any rate we did some good.

Our gunners reported that they strafed the further sub, hits and crew jumping over.

Well. Ok. There was nothing further we could do or I could do. A fire in the port wing, the one single depth charge that we did have now inoperative.

We headed home. We just had enough petrol to land at the Scilly Islands, just had. I'll always remember our crew.

They were tired. I was hauled off to speak with the Admiral that was in charge of Scilly Islands area and they had to, from a deck in Scilly Islands, take 4 gallon drums of petrol up into the aircraft to give us enough petrol to get us home which we did eventually and our beloved aircraft U never flew again.

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