Ed Jones - Letters from a train

Running time
1 min 22 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we were going from Brisbane to Sydney to get on the ship, it was a cruise ship at that time. It was the fashion to write your name and unit on a piece of paper and throw it out along the railway line where people were, maybe in a town or on a property somewhere. You do that, and I threw my name out a few times.

I did get a reply from about half a dozen people. One lady sent me a block of chocolate. I don't know how that survived. One young girl, I would write to her. She was on a, we passed through this property. She was a girl who lived on a property. The train probably went through their property, and they were standing there.

Anyway, it was three daughters of this family, and they had a boy who was in the Air Force. I wrote to her all through the war years, yes. When I was in Tamworth, I was able to go and see them on their property. I spent about a week with them. All right, and I went to her wedding later on too.


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