Edward Chapman - Stitches in the leg

Running time
1 min 6 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The river class boats, I was on them for about two years on and off. I was on for about 12 months. Then I was at HMAS Moreton for a while and then I went back, I went the second time and that's when I did me knee. The ship rolled. I rolled. Ended up down below decks with my leg ripped open.

They got another ship that was coming into Brisbane, put me on that and I went into HMAS Moreton for a couple of weeks until they fixed it. The doctor we had, Dr Cameron, he knew I was there and he was about to go home and someone said, "You've got a patient in there waiting to get his leg stitched up." I never had any injection or anything. He just got the two pieces together and stitched it together and stitched it up like he was fixing a hole in a pair of pants.

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