Ernest Brough - Captured

Running time
1 min 37 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


They put us in a circle outside the place and they kept us there all day, well, half a day, nothing to eat and drink and that's part of the business of wearing you down, you see, and they come in that night with a truck and they put us into the truck and all the blokes are talking to one another, you know. "Have you seen Bill?", "Did Keith turn up?" and all the rest of it and I said to them "You stupid buggers" I said, "they're just trying to get the words out of your mouth." Because they'd have a stooge in there listening to the whole lot. I said, "You've got a bloke in here listening to all you're talking about."

That was part of the deal, you see, and they put them all in front to get their army numbers and names but they didn't put me in, they let me off, ‘cause when I walked back from delivering to the hospital, there wasn't a shot was fired at me and I walked back 300 yards to me dugout so they paid me back for what I did before, yeah, so there's always something, even in war.

I didn't do it because of bravery, I did it because he needed it, that bloke. It would have been nice if I could have gone into the German tent and shook hands with him sort of thing.

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