Ernest Brough - Italian prison camp PG 57

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were in an Italian prison camp, PG 57 and they tried to more or less starve us to death, that's what they tried to do, and they finished up, Calcattera was his name, was in charge of it, and they finished up, they hung him at the finish for the treatment he handed out to prisoners because you'd be lined up in the morning and he'd come along and count and he'd just point the finger at you, "You, come."

And put you in gaol with bread and water for 28 days for nothing, for just nothing and they were just rat shit as far as I know. They were just terrible people. And the Germans woke up, that if they that if did they did that they were going to get no prisoner prize after the war because we'd be doing the same thing to them whatever they did to us and they know that and that's why they shifted us into this prisoner camp in Austria.

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