Ernest Brough - "Not this time Bob"

Running time
1 min 24 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The oldest, the 2IC he was a brave old bloke, old Joshua. He came, he used to be in the bank at Leongatha I think, no, no, no, it was one of the Australian banks but anyway he was pretty old-fashioned but he was a good bloke, a real good bloke, you know, and he'd, you know, they reckon he was a bit of a dag of a bloke but he wasn't, he was a brave bloke.

Well the next lot he took out he got 30 lumps of shrapnel in him and he still wouldn't retire, he kept going, and one day they were out somewhere and the boys wee hiding behind bushes and rocks and everything and the Germans had armoured vehicles and that and were giving the boys a hard time, you see, and Bob was there with them, Bob Joshua, and Bob says, pulls out his 45 and says, "Come on boys, we'll take them on."

You see, and the boys said, "Not this time Bob, we're not moving." They weren't going to get killed for nothing, kicking up with armoured cars, you know what I mean. Even in the dangerous times, it was funny.

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