Ernest Brough - With the partisans

Running time
1 min 43 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was pretty close to a little town that was there, I went looking for something to eat because we had nothing to eat and I'm going like this, patting my belly, told me to "Wait, stop there, stay, stay, stay there." And the two boys leading away they were getting a bit ahead of us and they came back and said, ‘What's happening?" I said, "Not too good.

He told us to stay here." Anyway he came back later and here's two soldiers with rifles on their shoulders and they were out of their partisans, see, and they took us in front of an Austrian, he was, and he's at his desk and he took us inside and they took down the names of our parents and ourselves, all the details, age and everything and they said "If you are not who you say you are, you're going to be executed", see, they said ,"If you're not what we think you are telling us it's not true."

Because they must have tapped the keys and answered in London House because no doubt all the, any troops that had come in from other countries were recorded in London, I'd say that would be the thing. At any rate they tapped the keys and they said, "You're okay, you're with us." So we got with the partisans and that got us out really. They took us right out just about.

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