Francis Adrian Roberts - Long Tan - Part 5

Running time
58 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


One of the advantages of being an officer is that you are so bloody busy trying to deal with the situation in front of you and think about what next 'cause you, in an armoured vehicle, you've got to think at the speed of the vehicle. Let's say its 20 kilometres an hour, so you've actually got to try and anticipate from map and head what's coming and what might come and where it might come, so you're dealing with two things all the time if you're any good. If you're not, then you get whacked.

You're totally absorbed. It's afterwards that it catches up with you and the strange thing is, even as I've been talking, while I can't remember my shopping list down in Coles, I can remember every flash and bang and what have you very clearly and it never seems to go away or become less.

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