Geoff Chapman - Fatalism and wounding

Running time
1 min 10 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


"I remember very well. I didn't smoke much. I had a cigarette occasionally. I decided smoking was stupid and I gave it up for about three months.

They got us up at 4am. We hit the beach at 8am. Four hours. In that four hours I smoked 40 cigarettes. Never gave it up for a long time.

So that was, the actual invasion, you know, it wasn't too bad, we, I don't know, I guess you get to the stage that you feel that if you're shot, you're shot, you know, and it scares you a bit but what could you do about it and I've had bullets pretty close to me and I did get shot eventually.

That wasn't a bad wound but it put me in hospital or convalescent depot for about three months."

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