Geoff Hazel - ACT Police to Cyprus

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1 min 20 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was ACT Police, that was it. And a lot of ex-servicemen were joining. And they were actually targeting ex-servicemen. And the inspector told me when I walked in, without doing anything, he said, "You'll be in. It'll be four months before you can come in, because that's when the next course. But you'll have to come back and do the exams. But don't worry, Sergeant, you're in."

Yep, so four months later, after I did come back and do the exams, I was in. And then became a police officer and did various things. And because I had a young son, I didn't put in for any overseas postings or anything like that because I'd grown up as an Army brat, bounced around from school to school, pillar to pillar. So, I said, "No, until he finishes school, I'm staying in the one place." And then, once he finished school, then started sticking me hand up to go on UN missions as well.

So, not a good career move within the police because they really didn't like it. But I then went to Cyprus was the first one, which was brilliant. It had been running for so long that everything just sort of flowed. And it was a great way to learn UN systems, which became a big help for me when I went to Mozambique.

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