Geoff Hazel - Anzac Day

Running time
1 min 13 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Just on the first tour, the Anzac Day, in the middle of the buffer zone is a Commonwealth war grave cemetery with five Australian/Kiwis, all airmen buried there. So Anzac Day, we have a Dawn service there. The UN in Cyprus allowed each country, each nation to... You had so many public holidays for everybody, but then each nation could have three of their own.

So we had Anzac Day, Australia Day, and Melbourne Cup Day as our public holidays. And every year, there was a service at the cemetery, a Dawn service there. And then you go back to the mess gunfire breakfast with all the dignitaries and everybody invited, and then we'd have a party in the afternoon.

And the first tour, when we got there, standing on the boom behind the cemetery, were Turkey soldiers in uniform, standing there at attention. And at the right time , they presented arms, and it was just awesome to see that.

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