Geoff Hazel - A changing society

Running time
1 min 24 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


First tour, you would not see underwear on display in any shop of any kind. You walk in any shopping centre, and on the Greek separate side, you would always see a priest walking around, looking, making sure they were following the rules and behaving themselves. You could see the power that the church held over the south.

Second tour, the whole place had changed. You hardly ever saw the priest. There was still plenty of churches there, but you hardly ever saw the priests out in public. Shopping centres were completely different. The behaviour of the youngsters, young ones was different. Interestingly, the population had almost doubled in 10 years.

Now on the north, a lot of that was expat Brits or expat Germans. And they built three universities there, and they were universities for basically the various Muslim countries in the Middle East. That's where this students come. So each university held 20,000 students. Now they just hadn't been there 10 years before.

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