Geoff Hazel - Crocodiles, lions, and alleged elephants

Running time
2 min 24 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well , there were a lot of crocodiles in Mozambique. A hell of a lot of crocodiles. Now, we had one where they ... Basically, every day you heard about locals being taken by crocodiles. And one of the patrols actually found one, they had the leg taken, but the person was okay. And he called up and he wanted me to get the UN helicopter down so we could get this person to hospital. It was one hell of an argument that I didn't win. "No, we're not here to pick up and move locals, it just will not happen."

And it's just something that occurs in other regions. They didn't have insurance for moving locals. So, they weren't going to do anything without the insurance. So, the idea was then that ... So, they put him in the car, which they got told not to do, but they did it. But by the time they got him to hospital, he died. So, yeah. But there was another one with that, when I got a call to the radio room because one of the outstations where they were living in tents was there. And they were sort of saying they wanted me to send out some of the Italian military unit that was there, the battalion. And I asked them why. They said, "Well, sir, the lions are eating the voters.

And we are worried that they are going to eat the CIVPOL," because there was very few animals left in the country because they'd all ... During the war, they'd been killed for food. And there was obviously a pride of lions out there that was feeding on locals. And the CIVPOL were a bit worried that they were next in line to be lion food. But not much you could do about that. And then, there was another one, a report with an elephant. Now, the vehicle came in, and it was a mess. Yes. And a herd of elephants had come into the camp and trampled and attacked this UN vehicle. They, for some reason, it was obvious it had been rolled about five times. But that was their story, and they were sticking to it. And following my principle that no local had been hurt or anything, that was it.

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