Geoff Hazel - Distributing clothes and a Hill's Hoist

Running time
1 min 50 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Yeah, interacting with the locals, we did that a few times. I mean, probably a prime one, when the clothing arrived that we were going to hand out. We actually found a local priest who was running a displaced persons village, really. They were all women, all kids basically there. Their husbands had been on one side or the other and had been killed in the war. And we said, "Righto, we'll bring the clothes," our share, because each group, we split them up. They went right over the country. Our share, we'll take them up and hand them out. And he said, "You should just give them to me." And I said, "No, we'll come up and hand them out." I'm a trusting soul, but not that trusting. Anyhow, we started handing them out. And no, there was no way. They had no concept of waiting in line and just get your ... Everybody wanted everything.

So, in the end, we gave them to him. Now, that's another story. And then, once that was all done, that's when we erected the Hills Hoist play gyms at this place. And yes, I learnt a lesson. You've got to put exactly the right bolt in exactly the right place. We got to the very end, and the last nut would not fit on the first one. And we had to undo back until we found where we put the wrong one. And it was a very, very hot day that day. But anyhow, that all worked well. Two days later, the girls next door at work were wearing some of our stuff we'd ... So, I went and fronted the priest. And he said, "Yep." We said, "Really?" He said, "I didn't need clothes." He said, "I needed money to buy medicines and food." He said, "So, we went down the markets and sold them." Okay, I'm happy with that.

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