Geoff Hazel - The game-hunting season

Running time
1 min 7 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


There was a three or four-week small game hunting season. That's when they went out and shot birds, tiny little birds. And then the big game was another three or four weeks, about a month after the first one.

The second time I was there, they'd been condensed to a one six-week period for the hunting season, full stop. But there'd been a change and they weren't worried about the buffer zone then because they'd been banned from hunting in the national park, because some of them had been shooting the mouflon, which is sort of a cross goat, mountain goat, but it would become endangered. So now they were in there trying to hunt in there… And weekends, they're a lot more.

Even during the week, when they're normally working though, they were out there hunting. You get two or three groups of four or five with their dogs. But on weekends, across the length of the buffers zone, you could have up to 30 or 40 different groups in there.

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