Geoff Hazel - Hospitalised with malaria

Running time
1 min 30
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was sitting in one of the bunkers on the perimeter defence during the day, which was always manned in Nui Dat and all of a sudden, I said, "Whoa", whoever came in to relieve me, called up, they got the medics in and tested me and I had malaria. I believe there was a big scream because there was nearly 200 of the battalion came down with malaria from that particular thing.

And they were screaming that we weren't taking our proper pills and all that. But then 1 Battalion went in there to try and follow up and they got 150 cases of malaria. And the malaria that was there was just completely immune to what we were taking. So I was in the American Hospital in Vung, Tau for six days but they said, "Right, you're cured but hang on a little bit". "Yeah, righto" and I’m thinking "There’s only 3 days until the boat sails.

If I stay here longer, I don't have to get on the boat." And the day before the boat was due to sail, a doctor came in and said, "Right, you're discharged. Out you go." And no sooner had he left and the RAAF doctor came in and said, "Who's here from 3 Battalion?" And there were three of us. He said, "Right, you're all on the plane in two days’ time". "Thank you".

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