Geoff Hazel - King Tiger prawns and bug tails

Running time
1 min 30
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


There was a pub around the corner, which we went to. The food there was absolutely horrible, greasy. But you could have a drink. But there was no way in the world you'd have too much to drink. And I mean, that was 100 metres away. And across the road from that was the beach. But when you saw what was on the beach, you didn't go walking on the beach, never mind swimming in the water. There was always a young ... Well, one of the locals used to turn up every day with his bag full of King Tiger prawns and mostly sand that he wanted to sell. And I knew where he was catching them and I knew where the sewer outlet was, so I was not having anything to do with that.

But we actually ran into, at one stage, two Aussies we saw walking in the street. They just yelled, so we went. They were both captains of South African fishing trawlers that were fishing in the straits between Mozambique and Madagascar for bug tails and King Tiger prawns. So, he said, "Look, we come in here once a month. As long as you've got a video that you can give us with some football on it," and they didn't care what type, "We'll just give you prawns and bug tails." So, the videos had been shipped over to us every week, and we used to share them around, send them around.

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