Geoff Hazel - Loss of a platoon

Running time
1 min
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Your team was usually somewhere between four and six and then you, the team would break up, like when we're with the battalion there were seven of us that you would go with, there would only be one or two go with a company. Now there was one time before that when I was with 445 when I went out with one of the PSDF platoons, it was just me and the platoon.

That one, somebody opened up at us and we had a little bit of a, but the platoon disappeared and I had to use, every time you went out you had spots prearranged for a helicopter pick up if there was a problem. And I just had to call it in and fortunately, they actually came in with a couple of gunships as well that kept anything away from me and picked me up and we never saw one member of that platoon again, they just disappeared.

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