Geoff Hazel - The Muslim system

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2 min 5 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Serious breach of human rights, I did myself. So, more than three killed. Anything that was going to cost the UN money, motor vehicle accidents are the main ones of them. And internal affairs issues became my job with the two people I worked with. There was Paulo, who was a Brazilian. It was brilliant having him because he spoke Portuguese and I didn't need an interpreter.

And Seko, I think, one of the Nigerians, anyhow, was with ... That was the three-man regional team. But our main job was going through and checking over everything, and then following up on it. And quite often, I mean, there was just an absolute balls up because there was one contingent, they were all there, and all were majors. But they were actually a unit of a counter terrorism police unit, who were being rewarded because they'd wiped out a nest of fundamentalists. So, none of them had an idea how to be a police officer. And there was one report that was done by one of them and a Jordanian captain. And I immediately gave somebody else the job of going to do it again because it was such ...

Anyhow, a couple of days later, I took the Jordanian with me to go out to another village, just to ... And he was very good. We got talking and he said, I said, "Look, why was your other report so bad? And you did a good job here." He said, "Oh, sir. You do not understand the Muslim system." And I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, in the Muslim system, you cannot appear to be smarter than your superior. You must be ..." He said, "With you, sir, I have no problem." He said, "I will never be the policeman you are." be said, "but that major, he was not a policeman."

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