Geoff Hazel - A non-military option

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1 min
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


The role was to give the force commander, cause in, or the first tour, the boss, as far as the UN Peacekeepers were concerned, was the force commander. In my case, the particular one with the first one was a Canadian general and he was replaced by an Irish general. So to give the force commander a non-military option for whatever might occur and also to conduct the investigations on behalf of the UN for anything that happened within the buffer zone between the Greeks and the Turks.

There was, let's be honest, the majority of both sides would've been quite happy for reunification. But there was an element on the south and an element on the north, very strong elements. They said, "No, if you put us together, we'll start killing people again." On the south, it was actually pretty well led by the Greek Orthodox Church.

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