Geoff Hazel - Observing patrol boats

Running time
1 min 2 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The UN were invited to send people down to the launching of, well actually, no not the UN... Australian police were invited by the Greek Cypriot Police to send people down for the launch of new the patrol boats that they had with the British army officer there, who I got to know, who was in intelligence said, now, sat down with me for half an hour to brief me on what he wanted from what... by observations of these boats.

But when I got there, we're just standing around there, no, hat on or anything. And the Archbishop walked past and shook me hand and said, "Welcome." And I put the beret back on for the ceremony and when he come back, he saw it and he just looked at me and the change in his face was enormous. And he turned and walked right away from me. Would not come near anybody from the UN. But I did get a very good description of the police boats for the British military.

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