Geoff Hazel - Planning to withdraw

Running time
1 min 15 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well , the election was over. There was then another two, three weeks when we weren't allowed to go anywhere because everybody was worried that, hey, they might not accept it and we might be going back to war. That didn't happen. Another week went by and everything's all right. Everybody can start having their days off again. Frank got two days off and somebody else got two days off. I had a request in to do a trip to visit all the people and was approved. And all of a sudden they told me, "No."

The newly elected government in agreement with the newly elected opposition said, "Well, thank you very much, UN. You can go home now." And the UN said, "All right, we're into withdrawal phase now. No more leave. Start planning the withdrawal." And that became my job for central region. He called me straight away and took me off the investigations, and I became one of the two planners for how the withdrawal would occur within the region.

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