Geoff Hazel - Supermen

Running time
1 min 18 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we came back in, because remember there was only six of us. A: I was happy, "Hey, I’m alive" B: "I think I did a damn good job". Then we sat down for breakfast and I couldn't cut the eggs. because my hands were shaking. Then I suppose that and then Baria, not long after that, It turned around and you had this sense of, you just couldn't be touched. You really were going to just stroll through this. We were supermen.

But yeah, the first part, I mean, there was always that thought before you go into the first one, "Will I or will I not?" And I don't think we had any in the battalion that didn't perform. I mean, there was one platoon in Charlie Company who actually in the whole 12 months never fired a shot in anger and never had a shot fired at them, they just happened to be in the wrong places at the wrong, well, as we were saying later, the right place all the time. And it wasn't because they were trying to hide, it was just they weren't there hewn it happened.

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