Geoff Hazel - The Swedes

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The Swedes were pretty well upfront and all prepared to work. But the interesting thing was I learned from there, and the start of my learning of CIVPOL and the UN more than half of them had never actually been a police officer. They were, because the police in Sweden include the people that sit at the border immigration control at the borders, and that's all they did.

So there were a lot of people within the CIVPOL, some there and later, a lot more, in different other places where they really weren't police, as we know the police. And you start to get the understanding that, you've really got to work hard to figure out how this all works, but they were easy to work with.

We got on well, and yeah, no problems whatsoever… they shaped their own deployment in their own area. But every time we tasked them to come with us, because we had a major event that needed everybody, not a problem. They came, they were prepared, and they worked well without a problem.

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