Geoff Hazel - Training

Running time
1 min 26 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we got to 3RAR, and they basically said, "Well, we're putting regulars into support companies". So initially, when I went to signal platoon, and he went to mortar platoon, and then I did two trips back to Ingleburn, to do the training there. And I topped both of them so I actually got promoted to Lance Corporal after 12 months which was almost unheard of in the army in those days.

And then did more courses. We were very rarely in South Australia. We were forever off somewhere. We went to Tasmania for the Hobart fires of 67, flew down there to provide communications because there weren't any communications for the army fire teams that were helping out. Mostly a week, maybe two weeks at the most was at home in the base, and then you’re either off on exercise being the enemy.

We had a train trip from Adelaide to Rockhampton, troop train, five days, it took us and we were going up there to be the enemy in the first Barra Winga. And so it was it was good, you were always doing something.

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