Gordon Jamieson - "that day with mum"

Running time
1 min 31 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We came back on a ship, yeah. We came into, we flew into Darwin first, of course, we weren't allowed off. Certain people were but we weren't allowed off the ship there and we came around down into Brisbane and we were there quite a while waiting for something to happen and then all of a sudden this surge of people came through and they locked them out.

They weren't allowed to get on the wharf. We saw them all come through and then they knocked another fence down further down from the main entrance and in the lead was my Dad, George. So I started yelling out to him, and there were quite a lot of blokes who never saw anybody they knew, "Hey George. George Jamieson", you know, "Come and join me".

Yeah, that was very very nice and when we got down I got into a car, they had cars ready with my parents, with my mother in it, to … or wherever it was. That's how that day ended. She was in the front seat and I was in the back seat with another two blokes, holding on to my hand all the way. It was really a memory that you don't lose, that day with mum.

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