Gordon Jamieson - "The war is over"

Running time
1 min 3 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Yes at that time I was in the camp back in Singapore. We were mostly all in Singapore at that time.

I can recall a fellow yelling out "Shhh Shhh". He's coming in from somewhere telling us not to yell out, not to yell out but "The war is over". Oh yes it was told by a fellow who was out on a work party and he was coming into the camp and I happened to be in the camp that day and they yelled out quite loudly "The war is over".

Then when the aircraft started to move in on us, that's our aircraft and everything, and dropping messages and everything, we knew it was over and when the officials came in, surprising the number of Japanese that came in to watch it. Quite a surprise to see it. We were in Changi gaol at that time.

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